Better Body Care Taking Care of You

Hi Kerri here from Better Body Care from the 16th May 2013 I will be on Maternity leave. Thank you to all my amazing clients and I look forward to seeing you again one day soon.

             Take Care Kerri

Massage For Your Muscles

Relax – making them feel light which reduces your pain

Fuel – delivers oxygen & nutrients which increases your recovery time after activity

Maintain – keeps them in good working order which maintains consistency in your performance .

Massage For Your Mind

De stress – slows down your heart rate reducing tension headaches

Clarity – slows down your mind chatter improving your alertness & creativity

Positive – slows down your emotional reactions creating a more calm & confident you .

Massage For Your Movement

Posture – helps correct postural imbalances so that you stand up straight!

Flexible – helps lengthen tight muscles enabling you to move more freely

Performance - helps to enhance your physical strength so you run faster or lift bigger weights