Better Body Care Taking Care of You

Do you live with the constant nagging neck, back and pain because of your work? Pain that no matter what pills or potions you take you still feel as stiff as an iron board!

Do you suffer from the painful weekend sporting hangover... when you finally realise you’re not 25 anymore and your muscles are screaming at you to give up once and for all?

Or are you just simply frustrated at not being able to do the things you like doing... simple things like gardening, going for a walk, picking up your kids, sleeping, driving your car?

Energy For Your Muscles

Relax – making them feel light which reduces your pain

Fuel – delivers oxygen & nutrients which increases your recovery time after activity

Maintain – keeps them in good working order which maintains consistency in your performance .

Energy For Your Mind

De stress – slows down your heart rate reducing tension headaches

Clarity – slows down your mind chatter improving your alertness & creativity

Positive – slows down your emotional reactions creating a more calm & confident you .

Energy For Your Movement

Posture – helps correct postural imbalances so that you stand up straight!

Flexible – helps lengthen tight muscles enabling you to move more freely

Performance - helps to enhance your physical strength so you run faster or lift bigger weights